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Proceedings of the Special International Workshop on Seismic Connection Details for Segmental Bridge Construction

Edited by W. Phillip Yen and George C. Lee

MCEER-09-0012 | 12/21/2009 | 204 pages

About the Report:

TOC: The table of contents is provided.

Notes: A workshop summary is provided.

Keywords: Seismic accelerated bridge construction (SABC) concept. MCEER. Connections. Segmental bridge construction. Seismic performance. Seismic designs. Piers. Integrity. Strong seismicity. Research.

Abstract: The Seismic Accelerated Bridge Construction (SABC) research project at MCEER is a five-year program of study funded by the FHWA. The major program thrust is to develop design recommendations for segmental bridges of short-to-medium spans in strong seismic regions. Specific emphases are given to the seismic behavior and design of segmental piers and the integrity of system performance of the segmental bridges considered in this research project. The specific objectives of this workshop are to gather information on current research and/or practice on the connection details of segmental bridges for SABC from Japan, Taiwan and the State of Washington in the United States, so that they can be documented and integrated with the MCEER studies to formulate a SABC monograph on precast segmental concrete bridges.