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Proceedings of the Third U.S.-Japan Workshop on Earthquake Protective Systems for Bridges

Edited by I. Buckle and I.Friedland

NCEER-94-0009 | 3/31/1994 | 604 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Base Isolation, Sliding Isolation Systems, Cable Stayed Bridges, Highway Bridges, High Damping Rubber Bearings, Pier Uplift, Hybrid Control Systems, Field Tests, Menshin Bridges, Design Methods, Experimental Tests, Case Studies, Seismic Performance, and Earthquake Engineering.

Abstract: This report presents the results of a workshop which addressed both American and Japanese developments in earthquake protective systems for bridges. Also explored was the potential for future cooperation between the two countries in the design and application of intelligent systems for the protection of bridges. The volume includes thirty-four technical papers and two state-of-the-art reports. Six of the technical papers concern passive bridge protection systems, such as various types of base isolation bearings, damping devices and sliding isolation systems. Seven papers treat hybrid protective systems, including active mass dampers, variable stiffness control, and the use of electrorheological fluids for variable dampers. A variety of design issues and examples, such as the critical loads of elastomeric bearings, the design of a Menshin bridge on soft soil, the seismic rehabilitation of the Golden Gate Bridge, Caltran's analytical procedures for base isolated bridges, etc., are the focus of another thirteen papers. Eight additional papers review the results of a variety of experimental test programs and field observations. An appendix provides an outline of the workshop program and a list of participants.