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Proceedings of the U.S.-Italian Workshop on Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation and Rehavilitation of Unreiforced Masonry Buildings

Edited by D.P.Abrams, G.M.Calvi

NCEER-94-0021 | 7/20/1994 | 276 pages

About the Report:

TOC: The table of contents is provided.

Keywords: Unreinforced Masonry Buildings, Seismic Rehabilitation, Building Safety Evaluation, Repaired Buildings, Experimental Tests, Seismic Performance, Analytical Models, Seismic Evaluation, Failure Criteria, Case Studies, Test Methods, International Cooperation, Technology Transfer, United States, Italy, Retrofitting, Architectural Design, and Historic Buildings.

Abstract: In an effort to assist in the development of engineering procedures for the seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of unreinforced masonry buildings, designed, if at all, for gravity loads only, this workshop volume compares the Italian and American experience in these areas. The intent of the workshop was to review hazard mitigation for URM buildings as a whole. Thus, workshop topics included architectural issues in building preservation and rehabilitation, development of Eurocode 8 and FEMA-BSSC-ATC-33, case studies of retrofitting projects and in situ testing methods for masonry construction. The workshop program called for introduction of each general topic, followed by the presentation of a paper on that topic from one Italian and one American participant, and by group discussion. Accordingly, this volume offers 16 paired papers, as well as the complete text of the workshop resolutions concerning future research and cooperation in this field.