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Proceedings of the Workshop on Improving Earthquake Response of Substation Equipment

Edited by A. Reinhorn

MCEER-11-0003 | 9/19/2011 | 160 pages

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Keywords: Seismic performance. Porcelain transformer bushings. Substations. Lifelines. Electrical equipment. Damage. Seismic designs. Base isolation. Seismic isolation systems. Seismic damping. Strengthening.

Abstract: A research team engaged in a comprehensive investigation to clarify the reasons for the conflicting behavior of porcelain transformer bushings designed for earthquakes still sustaining damage. As a first step in the development of a detailed research plan, a workshop was held to help clarify issues on the behavior of transformer bushings while seeking alternative methods of protecting the substation electrical equipment from damage during earthquakes, thus reducing the expected disruptions. The workshop presented and discussed issues related to: (1) the behavior of bushings, transformers and current application of seismic design and qualification standards, and (2) the possibility of using base isolation, damping devices, or strengthening of equipment, while considering the influence of conductors that interconnect the equipment.