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Program EXKAL2 for Identification of Structural Dynamic Systems

O.Maruyama, C-B.Yun, M.Hoshiya, M.Shinozuka

NCEER-89-0014 | 5/19/1989 | 198 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Loading, Kalman Filtering Technique, Dynamic Loading, and System Identification.

Abstract: In this report, EXKAL2, a computer program developed for the identification of structural dynamic systems subjected to earthquake loading, is documented. The estimation of the structural parameters is carried out by using the extended Kalman filtering technique with a weighted global iteration procedure. The program can be used for the identification of the modal properties of a linear multi-degree-of-freedom structure and for the estimation of the structural parameters of a nonlinear single-degree-of-freedom system. The theoretical background, program descriptions and user's guide are given. Numerical analyses are given for five different example cases. Fortran listings of programs EXKAL2 and SRESP (for generating simulated records for response observations) are shown in the appendices. Example input and output data files are also given in the appendices.