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REDARS 2 Methodology and Software for Seismic Risk Analysis of Highway Systems

S.D. Werner, C.E. Taylor, S. Cho, J.P. Lavoie, C.K. Huyck, C. Eitzel, H. Chung and R.T. Eguchi

MCEER-06-SP08 | 8/31/2006 | 144 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: REDARS 2. Seismic risk analyses (SRA). Highway infrastructure. Bridges. Tunnels. Roadways. Structural damage. Systems. Traffic. Economic recovery. Emergency response. Natural disasters. Seismic performance. Seismic risk reduction. Estimations. Cost-benefit analyses.

Abstract: The REDARS 2 report provides the basic framework and a demonstration application of the Seismic Risk Analysis (SRA) methodology and its modules. It also describes results from six years of work to update the methodology, program this methodology into a public-domain software package, and test and document this software. The main modules of the REDARS 2 SRA methodology include hazards, components, system and economic. The northern Los Angeles, California highway system is used as a demonstration application of the SRA methodology. Eleven appendices are provided in PDF on the included CD-ROM. References, tables and many figures supplement the text as well.