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Real-time Control of Shake Tables for Nonlinear Hysteretic Systems

K.P. Ryu and A.M. Reinhorn

MCEER-16-0004 | 10/22/2016 | 272 pages

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Keywords: Earthquake engineering; Shake table test; Nonlinear hysteretic system; Adaptive tracking control; Real-time parameter estimation; Extended Kalman filter.

Abstract: The research presented herein was developed to service multiple projects executed at the University at Buffalo’s Structural Engineering and Earthquake Simulation Laboratory (SEESL), which required advanced testing capabilities beyond those that currently exist. Based on stringent requirements of qualification testing, the research developed tools suitable for investigative and qualification purposes. The initiatives from the Suspended Nonstructural Component Systems Consortium, the NEES Nonstructural Components Research Project and most recently the Bonneville Power Administration projects on the protection and isolation of transformers and bushings, triggered the need to improve the controls of the shake tables. These controls have much broader applications in the control of structures and critical equipment through active isolation.