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Recommended Modifications to ATC-14

C.D. Poland and J.O. Malley

NCEER-89-0012 | 4/12/1989 | 346 pages

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Keywords: ATC-14, Applied Technology Council, National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, Existing Buildings, Seismic Evaluation, Eastern United States, Nonstructural Elements, Western United States, Ground Motion, Low Seismicity, High Seismicity, Liquefaction, Standards, Building Code, and Seismic Response.

Abstract: "Evaluating the Seismic Resistance of Existing Buildings," ATC-14, has been proposed as a viable methodology for the seismic evaluation of existing buildings. ATC-14 was written to apply nationwide, although the emphasis was placed on buildings in regions of high seismicity. This report presents the results of an investigation which was performed to critically assess the applicability of ATC-14 to buildings in regions of low seismicity, such as in the eastern United States. H.J. Degenkolb Associates, the subcontractor who developed ATC-14 for the Applied Technology Council, directed this assessment. Using the comments of a review panel comprised of five engineers from the eastern United States experienced in seismic design and evaluation, a two day meeting was held to discuss the panel's comments and to determine areas where future issues of ATC-14 could be improved.