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Research Progress and Accomplishments: 2001-2003


MCEER-03-SP01 | 5/30/2003 | 182 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Seismic performance. Electric power systems. Seismic risk analysis. Highway systems. Bridges. Critical facilities. Hospitals. Disaster response. Remote sensing. Recovery. Economics. Basic research. Education.

Abstract: This report offers a selection of papers chronicling technical achievements of the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research during the years 2001-2003. Papers included in this volume: 1) Advances in Seismic Performance Evaluation of Power Systems; 2) REDARS 1: Demonstration Software for Seismic Risk Analysis of Highway Systems; 3) Effect of Seismic Retrofit of Bridges on Transportation Networks; 4) Performance Estimates in Seismically Isolated Bridges; 5) Developing Fragility Curves for Concrete Bridges Retrofitted with Steel Jacketing; 6) Advanced Technologies for Response Modification of Hospital Buildings; 7) Decision Models: Approaches for Achieving Seismic Resilience; 8) Developing an Integrated System for Seismic Risk Analysis of Critical Hospital Facilities; 9) Resilient Disaster Response: Using Remote Sensing Technologies for Post-Earthquake Damage Detection; 10) Resilient Community Recovery: Improving Recovery through Comprehensive Modeling; 11) Understanding Sources of Economic Resiliency to Hazards: Modeling the Behavior of Lifeline Service Customers; 12) The MCEER Interface Between Research and Education.