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Review of Energy Dissipation of Compression Members in Concentrically Braced Frames

K.Lee and M.Bruneau

MCEER-02-0005 | 10/18/2002 | 216 pages

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Keywords: Energy dissipation. Concentrically Braced Frames (CBF). Hysteretic energy. Seismic response. Seismic performance.

Abstract: This report reviews research on experimental data on the behavior of concentrically braced frames (CBF) to assess the extent of hysteretic energy achieved by bracing members in compression in past tests, and the extent of degradation of the compression force upon repeated cycling loading. The response of single-story buildings and other case studies are also investigated to see trends in response, and to develop a better understanding of the impact of some design parameters on the seismic response of CBF. While it is recognized that many parameters have an influence on the behavior of braced frames, the focus of this study is mostly on quantifying energy dissipation in compression and its effectiveness on seismic performance. Appendices and numerous figures are included.