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SARCF User's Guide: Seismic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frames

Y.S. Chung, C. Meyer, M. Shinozuka

NCEER-88-0044 | 11/9/1988 | 164 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Reinforced Concrete Frames, Seismic Analysis, Computer Programs, Structural Analysis, Ground Motion, Hysteresis Models, Fortran, and Damage Control.

Abstract: A computer program for the automatic damage controlled design of reinforced concrete frames is described. The program is an extension of DRAIN-2D with various enhancements, such as an improved model for RC frame elements, automatic generation of random earthquakes, a new damage model, and an automated damage-controlled design. The current version covers only beam and beam-column elements. It is intended to implement other structural element types in future program versions. This report reviews a few important aspects of the program, some of them retained from DRAIN-2D, such as basic structural analysis assumptions and the step-by-step solution of the nonlinear equations of motion. The frame element and damage model are described in some detail, as are the basis for the automated damage-controlled design procedure. Several examples illustrate the use and capabilities of the program. Appendices contain the user's manual and the complete source listing of the program.