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Seismic Evaluation of Frames with Infill Walls using Quasi-Static Experments

K.M. Mosalam, R.N. White, P. Gergely

NCEER-97-0019 | 12/31/1997 | 110 pages

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Keywords: Experimental Investigation. Gravity Load. Steel Frames. Semi-Rigid Connections. Cyclic Lateral Loads. Mechanical Properties. Masonry Infill Walls. Geometrical Configurations. Hysteresis Model.

Abstract: This report treats an experimental investigation of gravity load designed steel frames, i.e. steel frames with semi-rigid connections, infilled with unreinforced masonry walls and subjected to slowly applied cyclic lateral loads. An investigation of the mechanical properties of the materials used in constructing the masonry infill walls is included. Various geometrical configurations of the frame and the infill walls, and different material types of the masonry walls, are considered. Based on the results, a hysteresis model for infilled frames is formulated and discussed. All parameters in the model have physical meaning and are calibrated with experimental data.