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Seismic Evaluation of a 30-Year Old Non-Ductile Highway Bridge Pier and Its Retrofit

J.B. Mander, B. Mahmoodzadegan, S. Bhadra and S. Chen

NCEER-96-0008 | 5/31/1996 | 204 pages

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Keywords: Full Scale Tests, Retrofitting, Cap Beams, Beam Column, Ductility Capacity, Subassemblages, Bridge Piers, Joint Cores, Failure Modes, High Strength Concrete Jacketing, and Energy-Based Damage Analysis.

Abstract: This report presents an experimental investigation of the seismic behavior of a full-scale prototype highway bridge cap beam-to-column subassemblage and its retrofit. Retrofitting consisted of strengthening the joint core and cap beam by providing a high strength concrete jacket and longitudinal prestress. Following extensive experimental testing, the ATC 6-2 evaluation method and the evaluation method recommended by Priestley et al, (1992) were analyzed to determine their compatibility with the experimental results. A proposed energy-based evaluation methodology is introduced to overcome shortcomings in the current evaluation methods.