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Seismic Evaluation of a Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frame by Pseudodynamic Testing

S.G. Buonopane, R.N. White

MCEER-99-0001 | 2/16/1999 | 160 pages

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Keywords: Pseudodynamic testing. Masonry infilled frames. Seismic loading. Cracking. Input excitation. Hysteresis.

Abstract: This report presents the results from a seismic evaluation of masonry infilled frames performed by pseudodynamic testing. The test specimen was a two-story, two-bay half-scale model, which was subjected to four pseudodynamic tests of increasing magnitude. The experimental program provided detailed data on the behavior of frames and infills under realistic seismic loading conditions. The data can be used to calibrate and verify advanced finite element methods and to improve simple analytical models for evaluation and design.