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Seismic Interaction of Structures and Soils: Stochastic Approach

A.S. Veletsos and A.M. Prasad

NCEER-88-0021 | 7/21/1988 | 70 pages

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Keywords: Soil-Structure Interaction, Seismic Excitation, and Structure-Foundation-Soil System.

Abstract: A study of soil-structure interaction for seismically excited simple structures is made considering both kinematic and inertial interaction effects. The information and concepts presented elucidate the nature and relative importance of the two effects and make it possible to assess readily the influences of the more important parameters. The response quantities examined are the ensemble means of the peak values of the lateral and torsional components of the foundation input motion and of the associated structural deformations. The results are evaluated over wide ranges of the parameters involved and compared with those obtained for no soil-structure interaction and for kinematic interaction only. Simply, physically motivated interpretations are given for the observed differences. For the important special case of vertically incident incoherent waves, simple closed-form approximate expressions are presented for the transfer functions of circular massless foundations.