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Seismic Isolation of Multi-Story Frame Structures Using Spherical Sliding Isolation Systems

T.M.Al-Hussaini, V.A.Zayas, M.C.Constantinou

NCEER-94-0007 | 3/17/1994 | 180 pages

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Keywords: Friction Pendulum Systems, Shaking Table Tests, Sliding Isolation Systems, Shear, Base Isolation, Moment Resisting Frames, Braced Frames, Interstory Drift, Analytical Models, and Earthquake Engineering.

Abstract: Experimental and analytical results are presented from shake table tests conducted on six and seven story ramed building models. The models are seismically isolated using a spherical sliding isolation system, known as a Friction Pendulum System (FPS). The models include moment and braced frames, with different isolator installation configurations, including isolators installed directly at the bases of the first story columns, and isolators installed below a rigid diaphragm base. In all cases, the isolators reduced structure shear forces and interstory drifts in the multi-story building models by factors of 4 to 6, allowing the upper structural system to remain elastic during severe earthquake loadings.