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Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment and Seismic Margins Studies for Nuclear Power Plants

H.H.M. Hwang

NCEER-87-0011 | 6/15/1987 | 36 pages

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Keywords: Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment, Seismic Hazard, Nuclear Power Plants, Component Fragility, Hazard Curves, and Probabilistic Analysis.

Abstract: This report presents a review of the seismic probabilistic risk assessment and seismic margin studies for nuclear power plants in the United States. The techniques employed in these studies are briefly described. A few comments on the evaluation of the fragility of structures and equipment are discussed. Seismic PRA is a systematic process to evaluate the safety of nuclear power plants. In the process, it integrates all the elements such as seismic hazard component fragility and plant system. Thus, it provides the overall view of the safety of an entire plant under a seismic event. The major tasks of a seismic PRA such as the evaluation of hazard curves, component fragility and plant system are also present in probabilistic analyses of non-nuclear facilities. The concept and technique embodied in seismic PRA for nuclear power plants can be applied to other types of engineering facilities.