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Seismic Testing of Installation Methods for Computers and Data Processing Equipment

K.Kosar, T.T.Soong, K.L.Shen, J.A.Holung, Y.K.Lin

NCEER-93-0007 | 4/12/1993 | 148 pages

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Keywords: Mainframe Computers, Shaking Table Tests, Raised Floors, Toggle Bars, Building Contents, Installation Methods, Restraints, Viscoelastic Dampers, Damping Devices, Bungee Cords, Data Processing Equipment, Wire Rope Dampers, Tethers, Casters, Anchorage, Spring Restraints, and Vibration Isolation.

Abstract: The basic objective of the test program described in this report was to investigate seismic response of computers and data processing equipment and to evaluate a variety of possible earthquake resistant installation methods ranging from those currently in use to more advanced designs using energy absorbing materials. This report documents results and assesses their significance based on three two-week test sessions performed jointly by NCEER and IBM investigators from June, 1991 through June, 1992. These tests were conducted on different mainframe systems utilizing a variety of earthquake inputs and different installation methods. The equipment response to the earthquake inputs is analyzed to enable a quantitative evaluation of the installation methods. Discussions and conclusions regarding the equipment sensitivity to earthquakes and the performance of selected installation methods are presented.