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Seismic Vulnerability Evaluation of Axially Loaded Steel Built-up Laced Members

K. Lee and M. Bruneau

MCEER-04-0007 | 6/30/2004 | 324 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Seismic vulnerability. Built-up bracing members. Seismic evaluation. Hysteretic behavior. Cyclic inelastic behavior. Laced bracing. Compressive strength. AISC LRFD Specifications.

Abstract: The objective of this reportís research is to provide additional knowledge on the seismic behavior of laced or built-up braced members. This study reviews historical design provisions and steel design textbooks published when laced bracing was commonly built, along with recent research work conducted for built-up bracing members. A limited experimental program was designed and conducted to investigate the hysteretic behavior of typical built-up compression members, including design and quasi-static testing of the specimens. The results of this study are discussed in a quantitative manner, including energy dissipation in compression and strength degradation of compressive members. References are provided, along with numerous photographs, figures, and several appendices.