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Seismic Wave Propagation Effects on Straight Jointed Buried Pipelines

K.Elhmadi, M.J.O'Rourke

NCEER-89-0022 | 8/24/1989 | 214 pages

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Keywords: Water Delivery Systems, Seismic Risk Analysis, Cast Iron Pipes, Lifeline Systems, Buried Pipelines, Pipeline Joints, and Soil Properties.

Abstract: The behavior of straight joined buried pipelines subjected to seismic wave propagation is investigated in this study. A realistic model is developed for the seismic response analysis of straight joined buried cast-iron pipes with lead-caulked joints and ductile iron pipes with rubber-gasketed joints. This model takes into consideration the non-linearity as well as variability of the pipeline and ground characteristics. The results of the analysis under seismic wave propagation indicate that variability can have a significant influence upon response parameters. The seismic vulnerability of these pipes is examined as a function of the seismically induced ground strain. The effects of ground rotation are found to be negligible. Such a vulnerability analysis made it possible to develop estimation of damage ratios due to a joint pull-out failure mode. These estimates are benchmarked against observed damage to water systems and are found to yield reasonable results.