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Shape Memory Structural Dampers: Material Properties, Design and Seismic Testing

P.R.Witting, F.A.Cozzarelli

NCEER-92-0013 | 5/26/1992 | 96 pages

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Keywords: Shape Memory Alloys, Experimental Tests, Pseudoelastic Behavior, Material Tests, and Damping Devices.

Abstract: The results of material tests on the shape memory alloy Cu-Zn-Al are presented and discussed. The results of the material tests are then applied in the design of a structural damper, with Cu-Zn-Al providing the dominant damping force. Different damping designs are examined to determine the best design. The finalized design was then mechanically tested. Seismic response characteristics of a 2/5 model five story building, with and without added Cu-Zn-Al shape memory dampers are studied experimentally. These results are then compared with the studies of viscoelastic dampers tested on the same model five story building.