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Simplified Direct Displacement Design of Six-Story NEESWood Capstone Building and Pre-Test Seismic Performance Assessment

W. Pang, D. Rosowsky, J. van de Lindt and S. Pei

MCEER-10-0002 | 5/28/2010 | 184 pages

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Notes: To learn more about the NEESWood Project, click here.

Keywords: Direct displacement design (DDD). NEESWood Capstone Building. Seismic performance. Multistory structures. Woodframe structures. Residential structures. Shear walls. Interstory drift limits. Nonlinear time-history analyses.

Abstract: This report presents a simplified direct displacement design (DDD) procedure which was used to design the shear walls for a six-story woodframe structure. The building will be tested in the final phase of a Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) project. Specifically, NEESWood Capstone Building was designed to meet four performance expectations: damage limitation, life-safety, far-field collapse prevention, and near-fault collapse prevention. The performance expectations are defined in terms of combinations of inter-story drift limits and prescribed seismic hazard levels associated with predefined non-exceedance probabilities. The distributions of inter-story drifts obtained from the NLTHA confirm that the Capstone Building designed using DDD meets all four target performance expectations, thereby validating the DDD procedure.