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Structural Steel and Steel/Concrete Interface Details for Bridges

P. Ritchie, N.Kauhl, J.Kulicki

MCEER-98-0006 | 7/13/1998 | 86 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Steel bridge towers. Eccentrically braced frames. Anchor bolts. Uplift. Lateral loads. Ductile cross sections. Detailing. Tubular sections. Seismic performance. Repair. Local buckling. Steel concrete interfaces. Steel concrete moment connections. Ductility. Lateral load

Abstract: This report examines the seismic performance of steel bridge towers that extend from a massive concrete substructure to the superstructure, and other steel sub-structure and superstructure details for new construction. Issues addressed include identifying the most ductile cross-sections, investigating the application of eccentrically braced frames, exploring details to replace buckled plates or shapes following an earthquake, investigating anchor bolt performance under lateral and uplift loads, and developing economical moment connection details between steel superstructures and substructures.