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Student Research Accomplishments: 2004-2005

Edited by Navid Haji Allhverdi Pur

MCEER-06-SP04 | 5/1/2006 | 82 pages

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Keywords: Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER). Seismic response. Hybrid systems. Metallic dampers. Viscous dampers. Soil densification. Vibro-stone columns. Wick drains. Hospitals. Self-centering systems. Finite element (FE) analyses. Eccentrically braced frames. Seismic resilience. Liquefaction. Assessments. Silty soils. Dynamic compaction. Controlled rocking systems. Retrofitting. Kinetic friction coefficients. Bearings. Hybrid rectangular links.

Abstract: This sixth issue of the Student Research Accomplishments from the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) features papers submitted to MCEER’s Best Student Article Competition. Topics range from traditional civil and lifeline engineering to applications of advanced technologies, social impacts, and economic modeling. The ten full-length papers contained in this volume include: Seismic Response of Hybrid Systems with Metallic and Viscous Dampers, Soil Densification Using Vibro-Stone Columns Supplemented with Wick Drains, Seismic Response of Steel Framed Hospital Buildings with Self-Centering Systems, Finite Element Parametric Study of Hybrid Rectangular Links for Eccentrically Braced Frames, Seismic Resilience, The Double Concave Friction Pendulum Bearing, Estimation of Kinetic Friction Coefficient for Sliding Rigid Block Nonstructural Components, Liquefaction Assessment by Energy Approach, A Design Procedure for Liquefaction Mitigation of Silty Soils Using Dynamic Compaction, and Design Applications for Controlled Rocking System Retrofit Approach. (Abstract adapted from text).