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Study of Wire Rope Systems for Seismic Protection of Equipment in Buildings

G.F.Demetriades, M.C.Constantinou, A.M.Reinhorn

NCEER-92-0012 | 5/20/1992 | 164 pages

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Keywords: Equipment, Vibration Isolation, Experimental Evaluation, Wire Rope-caster Systems, Building Contents, Hysteretic Behavior, Experimental Tests, Wire Rope Systems, and Mathematical Models.

Abstract: Wire rope isolators have found numerous applications in the shock and vibration isolation of military hardware and industrial machinery. In this study, the usefulness of these devices for the seismic protection of equipment in buildings is investigated. Installation methods of entirely supporting equipment on wire rope isolators and of combining them with locked casters are experimentally and analytically studied. It is found that the use of wire rope isolators in stiff configurations may substantially improve the seismic response of equipment in comparison to other installation methods. Mathematical models for describing the hysteretic behavior of wire rope isolators are developed and experimentally calibrated and verified. Analytical predictions of seismic response are shown to be in good accord with experimental results.