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Subsurface Conditions of Memphis and Shelby County

K.W.Ng, T-S.Chang, H.H.M.Hwang

NCEER-89-0021 | 7/26/1989 | 44 pages

About the Report:

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Keywords: Subsurface Geology, Memphis, Tennessee, Shelby County, Tennessee, Seismic Hazards, Liquefaction Potential, Soil Logs, Soil Amplification Potential, New Madrid Seismic Zone, and Earthquakes.

Abstract: This report presents the subsurface conditions of Memphis and Shelby County based upon existing geotechnical data. For this study, about 8,500 boring logs have been collected from government agencies and private geotechnical companies. Supplementary geotechnical data were also gathered from water-well logs, soil surveys, and technical publications. These data have been compiled and analyzed to establish the subsurface conditions of Memphis and Shelby County. The subsurface conditions are presented in the format of representative soil logs. These soil logs can be used to evaluate the soil amplification and liquefaction potential in Memphis and Shelby County due to earthquakes. In addition, these soil logs are also very useful for land use planning.