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Two Hybrid Control Systems for Building Structures Under Strong Earthquakes

J.N.Yang, A.Danielians

NCEER-90-0015 | 6/29/1990 | 76 pages

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Keywords: Secondary Systems, Active Control Systems, Hybrid Control Systems, Passive Control Systems, Base Isolation, Elastomeric Bearings, Structural Response, and Mass Dampers.

Abstract: Two aseismic hybrid control systems are proposed for protecting building structures against strong earthquakes. The hybrid control system consists of a base isolation system connected to either a passive or active mass damper. The base isolation system, such as elastomeric bearings, is used to decouple the horizontal ground motions from the building, whereas the mass damper, either active or passive, is used to protect the safety and integrity of the base isolation system. The performance of the proposed hybrid control systems is investigated, evaluated, and compared with that of an active control system. It is shown from the theoretical/numerical results that the proposed hybrid control systems are very effective in reducing the response of either high-rise or low-rise buildings under strong earthquakes. Likewise, the practical implementation of such hybrid control systems is easier than that of an active control system alone.