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Passive Energy Dissipation Systems for Structural Design and Retrofit

by M.C. Constantinou, T.T. Soong and G.F. Dargush

In recent years, serious efforts have been undertaken to develop the concept of energy dissipation or supplemental damping into a workable technology, and a number of these devices have been installed in structures throughout the world. This monograph introduces the basic concepts of passive energy dissipation, and discusses current research, development, design and code-related activities in this exciting and fast expanding field.


The authors provide basic definitions for passive energy dissipation systems, and provide basic design principles governing their use. Mathematical modeling, recent developments, and modern applications of the following devices are covered in depth:

The final chapter in the monograph discusses semi-active control systems. Semi-active mass dampers and semi-active fluid dampers have been installed in buildings in Japan, and are discussed in some detail, along with current research in the field.

Tables are provided in the appendices that detail application of passive energy dissipation systems in North America, and active and semi-active systems in Japan.

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