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Reconnaissance Reports

MCEER has an active reconnaissance program that dispatches teams to stricken areas quickly following a disaster. This page lists the reports published by MCEER-supported teams. More information and materials resulting from these reconnaissance missions are available on the MCEER Reconnaissance Research page.

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Hurricane Gustav, U.S. Gulf Coast, September 1, 2008:

"Super Tuesday" Tornado Outbreak, Mid-Southern United States, February 5-6, 2008


California Wildfires, Southern California, United States, October 21-24, 2007

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Pisco, Peru earthquake of August 15, 2007

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Hurricane Katrina, U.S. Gulf Coast, August 29, 2005:

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South Asian Tsunami, December 26, 2005

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Hurricane Charley of Central Florida, August 13, 2004  


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New York City, World Trade Center Disaster, September 11, 2001


Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake, September 21, 1999



Marmara, Turkey Earthquake, August 17, 1999

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Kobe, Japan Earthquake, January 17, 1995

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