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Supplemental Information for NCEER-91-0021

NCEER-91 Earthquake Catalog: Improved Intensity-based Magnitudes and Recurrance Relations for U.S. Earthquakes East of New Madrid,

by L.Seeber and J.G.Armbruster,

A new catalog of earthquakes in the eastern U.S. entitled The NCEER-91 Earthquake Catalog stems from existing compilations and from new data. NCEER-91 is derived from the EPRI (1987) catalog, and is based on new data from archival searches and on published compilations not fully incorporated in EPRI.  The complete catalog may be downloaded below.  The NCEER-91 catalog is available in the following file formats:

NCEER91catalog.txt  tab-delimited text file
NCEER91catalog.pdf  Adobe Acrobat .pdf file
NCEER91catalog.xls  Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file PostScript file (894kb.)   (For info. on .zip files, or to obtain WinZip®, see the WinZip® home page.)

In addition to the catalog data, a  descriptive file is also provided.  This file provides a general introduction to the NCEER-91 catalog, along with  explanations of the terms, abbreviations, codes etc, used in the catalog.

Pdficonsmall.gif (198 bytes)Description.pdf  (40kb.) (You will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader to read this file. If you don't already have a copy of the reader, you can get it here)

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