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Student Research Accomplishments

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The papers have been set up for individual download below. To download a pdf version of the entire volume (6.12 mb), click on the link: Student Research Accomplishments 2001-2002.


The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a formal incarnation of the students who are involved in performing MCEER research under a faculty advisor. Since its inception, MCEER has included and encouraged student efforts throughout its research program and in all of the disciplinary specialties concerned with earthquake engineering.

Throughout the years, students have been an integral component in advancing research in earthquake hazard mitigation. Many former students are now in academia, professional practice or government agencies applying knowledge gained during their exposure to MCEER research. While associated with MCEER, students participate in annual Center Investigator meetings, attend conferences, workshops and seminars, and have the opportunity to make presentations at these events. The SLC was formed in the year 2000 to formalize these programs and to afford students from many different institutions the opportunity to meet with each other and develop/improve interaction.

The idea for the Student Research Accomplishments was conceived by the SLC and features the work of some of MCEER's current students. Topics range from traditional civil and lifeline engineering to applications of advanced technologies to social impacts and economic modeling.

This issue was coordinated and edited by Diego Lopez Garcia, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering at the University at Buffalo. MCEER acknowledges Mr. Lopez Garcia's efforts as well as those of the individual contributors. MCEER also wishes to extend its thanks to the Student Leadership Council for its endeavors, and in particular to A. Natali Sigaher, past president, and Jeffrey Berman, current president, for their able guidance of the SLC.


Overarching Center-wide Cross Program Research Activities

On the Calibration of the Specific Barrier Model to Eastern North America Earthquakes (165 kb)
Benedikt Halldorsson, University at Buffalo

On Seismic Source Spectra from Complex Earthquakes (145 kb)
Benedikt Halldorsson, University at Buffalo 

Thrust Area 1: Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Lifeline Systems

Analytical Study on Rehabilitation of Critical Electric Power System Components (224 kb)
Seyed Ali Ashrafi, New Jersey Institute of Technology 

Steel Truss Bridge Braced Pier and Substructure (871 kb)
Kangmin Lee, University at Buffalo 

Assessment of Performance of Bolu Viaduct in the 1999 Duzce Earthquake (253 kb)
Panayiotis C. Roussis, University at Buffalo

Displacement Estimates in Isolated Bridge Structures (248 kb)
Gordon P. Warn, University at Buffalo 

Thrust Area 2: Seismic Retrofit of Acute Care Facilities

Plastic Analysis and Design of Steel Plate Shear Walls (203 kb)
Jeffrey Berman, University at Buffalo 

A Combined Honeycomb and Solid Viscoelastic Material for Structural Damping Applications (432 kb)
WooYoung Jung, University at Buffalo 

Ductile Fiber Reinforced Panels for Seismic Retrofit (259 kb)
Keith E. Kesner, Cornell University 

Development of a Benchmark Model for Irregular Structures (342 kb)
Dyah Kusumastuti, University at Buffalo

A Strategy for the Optimization of Damper Configurations based on Building Performance Indices (147 kb)
Wei "Wanda" Liu, University at Buffalo

Probabilistic Evaluation of the Separation Distance between Adjacent Systems (217 kb)
Diego Lopez Garcia, University at Buffalo 

Experimental Investigation of P-Delta Effects to Collapse during Earthquakes (224 kb)
Darren Vian, University at Buffalo

Investigation of Principal Axes in a Linear MDOF Structure (534 kb)
Tsung Yuan "Tony" Yang, University at Buffalo

MCEER Hospital Demonstration Project (166 kb)
Tsung Yuan "Tony" Yang, University at Buffalo

Thrust Area 3: Earthquake Response and Recovery

The Impact of the Y2K Threat on Hospital Emergency Preparedness (142 kb)
Rory Connell, Disaster Research Center, University of Delaware

Elements of Community Resilience in the World Trade Center Attack (178 kb)
James Kendra and Tricia Wachtendorf, Disaster Research Center,
University of Delaware

Supplemental Research Activities

Analysis of a Damaged Building near Ground Zero (204 kb)
Jeffrey Berman and Gordon P. Warn, University at Buffalo


Frictional Properties of Non-Metallic Materials for Use in Sliding Bearings: An Experimental Study (230 kb)
Daniel Fenz, University at Buffalo

Damping of Frame Structures: An Educational Shake Table Test (405 kb)
Nishadi Karunarathne, Catholic University of America 

Tri-Center Field Mission 2002: Taiwan (259 kb)
Diego Lopez Garcia, University at Buffalo

An Earthquake Analysis of an Existing Structure in the Southeast Region of the United States (148 kb)
Terri Norton, Florida A&M University


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