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Student Research Accomplishments




Seismic Design and Analysis of Structures

1 Cyclic Testing of Light-Gauge Steel Plate Sheer Walls (821 kb)

Jeffrey W. Berman, University at Buffalo

2 Java-Powered Virtual Laboratory for Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Analysis (448 kb)

Yong Gao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

3 Response of Elastic and Inelastic Structures with Damping Systems to Near-Field and Soft-Soil Ground Motions (388 kb)

Eleni Pavlou, University at Buffalo

4 Advanced Time-Frequency Analysis Applications in Earthquake Engineering (253 kb)

Nikolaos P. Politis, Rice University

5 Experimental and Analytical Study of Seismically Isolated Structures with Uplift Prevention (631 kb)

Panayiotis C. Roussis, University at Buffalo

6 Evolutionary Power Spectrum Estimation using Harmonic Wavelets (292 kb)

Jale Tezcan, Rice University

7 Seismic Response of Single Degree of Freedom Systems with Structural Fuses (404 kb)

Ramiro E. Vargas, University at Buffalo

Seismic Design and Analysis of Bridges

8 Seismic Retrofit of Bridge Steel Truss Pier Anchorage Connections (602 kb)

Michael Pollino, University at Buffalo

9 Performance Estimates in Seismically Isolated Bridge Structures (359 kb)

Gordon P. Warn, University at Buffalo

Seismic Design and Analysis of Nonstructural Building Components

10 Seismic Fragility Testing of Suspended Ceiling Systems (334 kb)

Hiram Badillo-Almaraz , University at Buffalo

11 Seismic Behavior of Welded Hospital Piping Systems (494 kb)

Elliott Goodwin, University of Nevada, Reno

12 Advanced Composite Multi-infill Panels for Seismic Retrofitting (784 kb)

Wooyoung Jung, University at Buffalo

13 Seismic Performance Assessment by Fragility and Loss Estimation (398 kb)

Cagdas Kafali, Cornell University

Seismic Design and Analysis of Lifeline Systems

14 Issues of Seismic Response and Retrofit for Critical Substation Equipment (595 kb)

Ali Ashrafi, New Jersey Institute of Technology

15 Post-earthquake Lifeline Service Restoration Modeling (214 kb)

Zehra Cagnan, Cornell University

16 Fragility Analysis of Water Supply System (733 kb)

Anita Jacobson, Cornell University

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