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Student Research Accomplishments



Winner: Best Student Article Competition

1 Testing of a Laterally Stable Eccentrically Braced Frame for Steel Bridge Piers (pdf 1.1 mb)

Jeffrey W. Berman, University at Buffalo

Honorable Mentions

2 A Methodology to Assess Seismic Performance of Water Supply Systems (pdf 788 kb)

Anita Jacobson, Cornell University

3 Changing the Paradigm for Performance-Based Design (pdf 245 kb)

Michael Astrella, University at Buffalo


4 Global Fragility Evaluation of Health Care Facilities with Structural and Nonstructural Components (pdf 264 kb)

Gian Paolo Cimellaro, University at Buffalo

5 An Experimental Verification of the Eigensystem Realization Algorithm for Vibration Parameter Identification (pdf 553 kb)

Marlon D. Hill, Florida A&M University

6 Evolutionary Methodologies for Decision Support (pdf 208 kb)

Yufeng Hu, University at Buffalo

7 Fragility Based Rehabilitation Decision Analysis (pdf 293 kb)

Cagdas Kafali, Cornell University

8 A Wavelet Based Approach for Estimating the Steady State Response of Nonlinear Systems (pdf 220 kb)

Jale Tezcan, Rice University

9 Floor Response of Single Degree of Freedom Systems with Metallic Structural Fuses (pdf 236 kb)

Ramiro E. Vargas, University at Buffalo

10 Response of Seismically Isolated Bridges Considering Variation in the Mechanical Properties of Individual Isolators (pdf 192 kb)

Gordon Warn, University at Buffalo

11 A Novel Nonlinear Control System with Emphasis on Nonstructural Performance (pdf 244 kb)

Xin Xu, University at Buffalo




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