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Student Research Accomplishments


Edited by
Seda Dogruel and Rodrigo Retamales, Ph.D. Candidates, University at Buffalo

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a formal incarnation of the students who are involved in performing MCEER research under a faculty advisor. Since its inception, MCEER has included and encouraged student efforts throughout its research program and in all of the disciplinary specialties concerned with earthquake engineering.
Throughout the years, students have been an integral component in advancing research in earthquake hazard mitigation. Many former students are now employed in academia, professional practice or government agencies, applying knowledge gained during their exposure to MCEER research. While associated with MCEER, students participate in Center annual meetings, attend conferences, workshops and seminars, and have the opportunity to make presentations at these events. The SLC was formed in the year 2000 to formalize these programs and to afford students from many different institutions the opportunity to meet with each other and develop/improve interaction.

The idea for the Student Research Accomplishments was conceived by the SLC and features the work of MCEER’s current students. Topics range from traditional civil and lifeline engineering to applications of advanced technologies to social impacts and economic modeling.

This volume was coordinated and edited by Seda Dogruel and Rodrigo Retamales, Ph.D. Candidates, University at Buffalo. Previous editors were Navid Haji Allahverdi Pur, from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Amanda Bonneau, from Cornell University, Mike Pollino, Ramiro Vargas, Benedikt Halldorsson, and Diego Lopez Garcia, all from the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, University at Buffalo, and Gauri Guha, Department of Energy, Environmental and Mineral Economics, the Pennsylvania State University. 

Finally, MCEER wishes to extend its thanks to the Student Leadership Council for its endeavors, and in particular to Michael Pollino, Jeffrey Berman, and A. Natali Sigaher, past presidents, for their able guidance of the SLC.



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