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Session 1: Condition Monitoring and Response Control
Chairs: M. Bruneau and M. Zako

Advanced Energy Dissipation Technologies for Seismic Protection of Civil Structures
by G.Lee

Soil Reinforcement for Seismic Retrofitting and Liquefaction Mitigation
by I. Juran

Advanced Sensors for Condition Monitoring and Damage Assessment of Structures
by M. Feng

Session 2: Damage Assessment and Detection by Advanced Technologies
Chairs: A.E. Aktan and S. Masri

Advanced Accelerometers and Liquefaction Meters for Damage Assessment
by Y. Shimizu

Detection of Damage Location and Extent of Water Supply Systems
by M. Shinozuka

SAR Technology Applications in Structural Damage Detection
by R. Ghanem

Session 3: System Identification
Chairs: A. Mita and A. Smyth

Seismic Response Measurement and System Identification of Bridges
by C. H. Loh

Nonlinear System Identification
by T. Sato

Session 4:  Application of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems for Lifeline Networks
Chairs:  T.C. Chang and F. DeFlavis

Wireless Data Acquisition and Assessment of Post-Earthquake Lifeline Performance
by S. Mizushina

LAWSDAC for Los Angeles DWP Water System
by J. McDaniel

SCADA Applications for Los Angeles DWP Power System
by M. Nakao

SCADA Applications for Power Distribution Systems
by R. Wiesman

Session 5:  GIS and Remote Sensing
Chairs:  J. Wilson and E.A. Johnson

Remote Sensing Technologies for Urban Earthquake Disaster Assessment
by R. Eguchi

Remote Sensing Technologies for Urban Earthquake Disaster Assessment
by M. Matsuoka

Advanced GIS Applications for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation
by S. Kakumoto

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