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PowerPoint Presentations

Welcome and Introduction

Michel Bruneau

Mitigation of Earthquake Disasters using Advanced Technologies (MEDAT-2) Introduction

Technical Block 1: 
General Overview of Earthquake Engineering Issues

Ricardo Dobry

MCEER Geotechnical Research

Juan Baez

Ground Improvement for Hospitals/Medical Facilities

Ricardo Dobry, RPI

MCEER Task 2.3 Geotechnical Rehabilitation of Sites and Foundation Retrofitting

Sabanayagam Thevanayagam, UB

Liquefaction & Mitigation in Silty Soils

James Mitchell, VPI

Passive Site Remediation for Liquefaction Risk Mitigation

Juan Baez, Hayward Baker, Inc.

Mitigation of Liquefaction Hazards 

IIan Juran, Polytechnic University

Micropile and Soil Reinforcement for Seismic Retrofitting

Ross Boulanger, UC Davis

MEDAT-2: Some Geotechnical Opportunities

Ignatius Po Lam, Earth Mechanics, Inc.

Retrofitting Highway Bridges and Wharf Facilities: Geotechnical Perspective

James Mitchell

General Overview of Advanced Technologies Issues

Technical Block 2A: 
Advanced Technologies for Structural Retrofit

Daniel Inman

General Overview of Advanced Technologies

Michel Bruneau

General Overview of Earthquake Engineering Issues for MCEER Hospital Project

Sarah Billington, Cornell

Engineered Cementitious Composites for the Retrofit of Critical Facilities

Amjad Aref, UB

Polymer Matrix Composite In-Fill Walls for Seismic Retrofit

Charles Farrar, Los Alamos National Lab

Pattern Recognition for Structural Health Monitoring

Kincho Law, Stanford

Wireless Sensing

Daryl Hodgson, Share Memory Applications

Shape Memory Alloys

Yasushi Maeda, Nippon Steel

Seismic Control Devices Using Low-Yield-Point Steel

Vistasp Karbhari, UC, San Diego

Use of FRP Composite Materials in the Renewal of Civil Infrastructure in Seismic Regions

Victor Li, University of Michigan

Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) for Seismic Applications

Fred Isley, Hexcel Corp.

Composite Fabrics

Jayanth Kudva, Northrup Grumman Corp.

General Overview of Advanced Technologies Issues

Technical Block 2B: 
Damping and Semi-Active Systems

T.T. Soong, UB

Damping and Semi-Active Systems, A State of the Art Report

Andrew Whittaker, UB

Current Practice of Passive Control 
of Earthquake Response

Andrei Reinhorn, UB

Structural Control

George Lee, UB

Enabling Technology Testbed Project: Design of a Semi-active protective system for a LA Building

Gary Dargush, UB

Computational Aseismic Design and Retrofit With Application to Passive Energy Dissipation Systems

Chris Tokas, California OSHPD

California's Experience in Seismic Retrofit of Hospital Buildings

Edward White, Boeing, Inc.

Progress in Structural Health Management for Aerospace Vehicles

Dave Carlson, Lord Corp.

Implementation of Semi-active Control Using Magneto-Rheological Fluids

Akira Wada, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Recent Trends of Damage Controlled Structures in Japan

Keith Belvin, NASA

Structural Vibration Control Systems for Space Stations

Thomas Jung, NYS Dept. of Health

Issues in Seismic Retrofit of Hospitals

Andrew Whittaker, UB

Passive and Active Systems in Hospitals

Technical Block 3: 
Advanced Technologies for Nonstructural Retrofit

Mircea Grigoriu, Cornell

Advanced Technologies for Non-structural Retrofit

Manos Maragakis, UNR

Static Axial Behavior of Some Typical Restrained and Unrestrained Pipe Joints

T.T. Soong, UB

Report on Vulnerability and Retrofit of Nonstructural Components

M.P. Singh, VPI

Seismic Protection of Some Nonstructural Components in Hospitals

William Staehlin, OSHPD

Performance Criteria for Non-Structural Components

George Antaki, WSRC

Field Guide: Seismic Retrofit of Critical Piping and Tubing Systems

Seismic Retrofit of Critical Piping Systems (Above Ground Piping)

Zhonghai Ding, UN, Las Vegas

Shape memory Alloys

M. Ala Saadeghvaziri, NJIT

Recycled Plastics: Characteristics and Seismic Applications

Daniel Inman, VPI

Smart Materials Technologies for Bolted Joints in Civil Systems

Daniel Inman, VPI

Panel Discussion: Nonstructural Retrofit



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