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Slab Participation for Axial Forces in Composite Cable-Stayed Bridges
Author(s) and Affiliation(s):
David D. Byers, HNTB Corporation, Kansas City, MO Steven L. McCabe, Department of Civil Engineering The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Principal Investigator:
Steven L. McCabe
The University of Kansas Graduate Research Fund, HNTB Corporation, and The National Science Foundation (pending)
Research Start Date:
October 1, 1995
Expected Completion Date:
October 1, 1998
Research Objectives:
The objectives of this project are to: establish a relationship for the effective width of deck that can be readily calculated in design that addresses the secondary effects caused by high axial stresses near the shear stud connections and creep effects that are a function of location in the structure; develop guidelines for a direct stiffness modeling and solution routine that can determine the immediate and long term behavior of these systems under load that will utilize an effective width, steel-concrete composite flexural member; develop recommendations for time-dependent modeling for this special class of bridge system; and gain insight into stress distribution in thin concrete deck members in composite systems subjected to axial loading that will be useful in further studies regarding stability issues of deck systems of this type.
Expected Products or Deliverables:
Guidelines for effective slab width prediction for use by designers, structural analysis algorithm using effective slab width and time-dependent analysis, and experimental calibration of analytical results.

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