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FOURTH NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON BRIDGE RESEARCH IN PROGRESS: RESEARCH ABSTRACT Title: Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of Composite Bridges Author(s) and Affiliation(s): Kuan-Chen Fu and Feng Lu Department of Civil Engineering The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio Principal Investigator: Kuan-Chen Fu Sponsor(s): The University of Toledo Research Start Date: August 1994 Expected Completion Date: February 1996 Research Objectives: This research presents a nonlinear finite element analysis of composite bridges under working load conditions, which predicts composite bridge behavior more accurately than the current design method. The proposed analytical procedure can be readily used for the design of new bridges, for the evaluation of existing bridges, and for the study of the behavior of composite bridges under working loads. Expected Products or Deliverables: The objectives of this research are as follows: to establish the non-linear finite element analysis as a modern design method for composite bridges; to build test bridges in the University laboratory to collect needed data and to investigate various type of composite bridges; to devise a pre- and post-processor for the non-linear finite element software; and, to use the software as a research tool to investigate the behavior of the composite bridge under load.

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