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FHWA Curved Steel Bridge Research Project
Author(s) and Affiliation(s):
Michael A. Grubb and John M. Yadlosky, HDR Engineering, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA Abdul-Hamid Zureick, Roberto Leon and Jim Burrell, Georgia Inst. of Tech., Atlanta, GA Dann H. Hall, BSDI, Ltd., Coopersburg, PA Chai H. Yoo, Auburn University, Auburn, AL Sheila Rimal Duwadi, Federal Highway Administration, McLean, VA
Principal Investigator:
Michael A. Grubb
Federal Highway Administration
Research Start Date:
October 1, 1992
Expected Completion Date:
October 30, 1999
Research Objectives:
Horizontally curved-girder bridges comprise up to a third of the total bridge market. Although their use has been on the increase, horizontally curved steel girders remain one of the least understood structural forms and one of the few unexplored frontiers of structural engineering research. Since the late 1960's, fundamental research on the behavior of horizontally curved girders has been sporadic and a concentrated effort to advance existing knowledge has been lacking. Thus, the Federal Highway Administration initiated this project with the primary objectives being to conduct fundamental analytical and physical research on the behavior of curved steel I-girder bridges, address constructibility issues, and provide data for eventual development by others of LRFD design provisions for horizontally curved steel bridges.
Expected Products or Deliverables:
Valuable information should be obtained to advance the state-of-the-art knowledge regarding the fundamental behavior of curved I-girders in bending and shear. It is also hoped to be able to correlate test results with results from refined computer analyses, increase the general awareness of some important issues that arise during construction of these bridges, and through the development and implementation of improved design and construction procedures for these structures, lead to significant cost savings.

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