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Vincent Thomas Bridge Monitoring Tests
Author(s) and Affiliation(s):
Ahmed M. Abdel-Ghaffar, Sami F. Masri and Robert L. Nigbor Civil Engineering Department University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Principal Investigator:
Robert L. Nigbor
University of Southern California and the California Strong Motion Instrument Program
Research Start Date:
November 1995
Expected Completion Date:
December 1996
Research Objectives:
The existing earthquake recording system on the Vincent Thomas Suspension Bridge in Los Angeles was temporarily augmented with a high dynamic range digital monitoring system in late 1995. Data collected from this temporary deployment are currently being analyzed. Objectives of this study are to demonstrate high dynamic range and real-time, remote data monitoring capabilities; collect and analyze baseline ambient vibration data prior to seismic retrofit of the bridge; and study time variation of structural vibration and extracted modal parameters for evaluation of long-term structural health monitoring methodologies. A permanent installation is being proposed to provide a test bed for long-term structural health monitoring.
Expected Products or Deliverables:
A preliminary report has already been produced ("Preliminary Report on the Vincent Thomas Bridge Monitoring Test," USC Civil Engineering Report M9510, December 1995) detailing the measurements and preliminary data analysis. Modal parameters are being provided to the seismic retrofit design team for use in finite element model verification. These data, especially the temporal variation data, are being used to test the robustness of system identification and damage detection algorithms under development for structural health monitoring applications.

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