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Continuing Research in the Analysis and Design of Long-Span Bridges for Wind Loads
Author(s) and Affiliation(s):
Nicholas P. Jones and Robert Scanlan Department of Civil Engineering The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Principal Investigator:
Nicholas P. Jones and Robert H. Scanlan
National Science Foundation and various consulting firms
Research Start Date:
Expected Completion Date:
Research Objectives:
In the half century since the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse, the art of wind design for long-span bridges has PROGRESS:ed considerably from the overall examination of modes to an increasingly analytical view, in which the mechanisms affecting bridge stability are emphasized. During this process, which has been aided by mathematical formulations, the essential minima of required experimental data have been identified with some degree of clarity. The engineer needs to be aware of the complex wind interaction forces at the planning, pre-design and design stages. The developed method is based on the use of aerodynamically faithful section models, coupled with analytical modeling and the use of structural dynamic information from a finite element analysis.
Expected Products or Deliverables:
The expected products from the research include answers to many of the questions raised above. In addition, a comprehensive series of guidelines for the conduct of aerodynamic investigation of long-span cable-stayed bridges will be developed. These guidelines will be supported with a computational package and database, available to designers for use and guidance in this aspect of bridge design. In addition to providing a comprehensive annotated bibliography and overview of methods, the guidelines will outline the developed procedures and provide examples of application.

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