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Segment-Based Reporting for Element-Level Bridge Inspections
Author(s) and Affiliation(s):
George Hearn and Dan M. Frangopol Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Principal Investigator:
George Hearn
Colorado Department of Transportation
Research Start Date:
June 1994
Expected Completion Date:
August 1997
Research Objectives:
New procedures for element-level inspection of highway bridges together with new quantitative definitions of element condition ratings are developed and demonstrated. New procedures and condition ratings are needed to support quantitative evaluations of bridge condition directly from data collected in element-level bridge inspections. Quantitative evaluations include estimates of load capacity, structural safety, remaining service life, and rates of deterioration of bridge elements. The direct use of condition ratings means that quantitative evaluations of bridges can be made within bridge management systems (BMS). This allows BMS to consider the impact of repair programs on strength and safety of individual bridges. The research proceeds from two ideas: first, that structural engineering evaluations must be a part of bridge management systems and, second, that data gathering to support the evaluations must be compatible with routine inspection procedures.
Expected Products or Deliverables:
Research products include the development of relations between condition states of elements and damage or remaining strength in bridge members, development of graphics-based reporting forms for use in field inspections, a field demonstration of new segment-based inspection procedures, and development of automated procedures for load rating from condition ratings for segments. The research also has important applications in automated calibration of deterioration models from bridge inspection data, and automated estimates of remaining service life.

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