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Dynamics of a Cable-Stayed Bridge During Construction
Author(s) and Affiliation(s):
Nicholas P. Jones and Chris Pettit, Department of Civil Engineering The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD John C. Wilson and Ashraf ElDamatty, McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Principal Investigator:
Nicholas P. Jones and John C. Wilson
National Science Foundation and NSERC Canada
Research Start Date:
Expected Completion Date:
Research Objectives:
This ongoing research program examines the dynamic characteristics of the eight lane, 1250 ft center-span twin-deck Baytown Bridge (also known as the Fred Hartman Bridge) in Texas. An ambient vibration survey (AVS) was conducted on the bridge just prior to closure of the superstructure at center span. The AVS was complemented by detailed finite element modeling of the bridge at the same construction stage. The results of the AVS identified numerous modes of vibration of the bridge, and many of these modes were reliably identified in the computer model. Reliable predictions of the dynamic behavior during construction is an important aspect in determining the response of the partially completed structure to wind loads.
Expected Products or Deliverables:
The expected products from the entire project include the following: verified finite element models of the structure at two erection stages and in the completed form (the latter AVS has been performed and data are currently being analyzed); development and installation of a monitoring system for the recording of wind loading and wind-induced response; and verification of wind modeling procedures currently in use for the prediction of wind-induced response of long-span bridges.

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