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Performance of Timber Bridge Railing Under Vehicle Impact
Author(s) and Affiliation(s):
R.J. Wollyung, Andrew Scanlon, M. Carpino, Brian J. Gilmore Pennsylvania Transportation Institute The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
Principal Investigator:
Brian J. Gilmore
Lichenstein and Associates and the New Jersey Department of Transportation
Research Start Date:
July 1995
Expected Completion Date:
August 1996
Research Objectives:
This project is investigating the use of timber bridge rails applied to existing timber bridges. The motivation for the project is to provide a bridge rail that is aesthetically pleasing and fits in with the historical ambiance of the locale. The bridges are timber-bent-trestle type construction. The objective of the project is to evaluate proposed timber guardrail designs in terms of their performance under vehicle impact. Prior to conducting full scale crash tests, preliminary evaluations are being conducted using computer simulation, static testing, and impact pendulum testing.
Expected Products or Deliverables:
The primary outcome of this project will be the validation of the design of a timber guardrail for a particular application. The project will also provide useful information on the use of test data to provide input for computer simulations and correlation between computer simulation and full scale crash testing for timber guardrails.

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