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Bridge Research in PROGRESS: at the University of Cincinnati
Author(s) and Affiliation(s):
Ahmet E. Aktan, M. Baseheart, R. Miller, I. Minkarah, B. Shahrooz, D. Brown, R. Buchanan, N. Jayaraman, A. Helmicki, S. Shelley and G. Simitses Infrastructure Institute, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Principal Investigator:
Ohio Department of Transportation
Research Start Date:
Varies (earliest 1994)
Expected Completion Date:
Varies (latest 1998)
Research Objectives:
The objectives of these studies are to generate factual data about the actual ranges of state parameters and the loading environments for common bridge types; gain an understanding of how bridges actually respond to many different external and intrinsic loading effects and the mechanisms which trigger the actual (as opposed to envisioned) limit-states; establish the actual capacities of the different mechanisms which resist load effects at the serviceability and damageability levels; and establish the effects of aging and deterioration on both load demands and capacities.
Expected Products or Deliverables:
A database characterizing actual ranges of bridge state parameters; analytical and experimental tools together with use-modes and application rules for condition assessment and reliability evaluation; use-modes and application rules for field instrumentation and data acquisition; fully operational test-beds available for future research projects; and quantification and characterization of the effectiveness of a wide range of indices at detecting aging and deterioration.

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