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in Progress

June 17-19, 1996

Buffalo, New York

Edited by:

Ian G. Buckle
State University
of New York
at Buffalo

Ian M. Friedland
Multidisciplinary Center
for Earthquake

Session I - Bridge Management and Condition Assessment

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Design of Bridge Inspection Programs for Structural Reliability
by G. Hearn, D. Frangopol and S. Marshall, University of Colorado

Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Bridges
by H. Hawk, National Engineering Technology Corporation

Life-Cycle Engineering for Bridge Decks
by D. Veshosky, Lafayette College; S. Wagaman, C. Beidleman and J. L. Wilson, Lehigh University

Establishing Project Level Maintenance Policies for a Network Level BMS
by T. Adams, J. Barut and P. Sianipar, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fatigue Impacts on Bridge Cost Allocation and Truck Size and Weight Restrictions
by J. Laman and T. Boothby, The Pennsylvania State University

Segment-Based Reporting for Element-Level Bridge Inspections
by G. Hearn and D. Frangopol, University of Colorado

Implementation of an Optical Fiber Monitoring System in a Full Scale Bridge
by R. Idriss, M. Kodindouma and K. White, New Mexico State University; M. Davis, D. Bellemore, A. Kersey, M. Putnam and E. Friebele, Naval Research Laboratory

Nondestructive Testing of Bridges
by V. Saraf, A. Nowak and S. Kim, University of Michigan

Bridge Research in Progress at The University of Cincinnati
by A.E. Aktan, M. Baseheart, R. Miller, I. Minkarah, B. Shahrouz, D. Brown, R. Buchanan, N. Jayaraman, A. Helmicki, S. Shelley and G. Simitses, University of Cincinnati

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