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June 17-19, 1996

Buffalo, New York

Edited by:

Ian G. Buckle
State University
of New York
at Buffalo

Ian M. Friedland
Multidisciplinary Center
for Earthquake

Session II - Seismic Performance, Design, and Retrofitting

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Seismic Analysis of Bridges Including Soil-Structure Interaction Effects
by R. Betti and K. Huang, Columbia University

Practical Nonlinear Time-History Analysis for the Design of Bridge Structures Subjected to Strong Seismic Motion
by R. Dowell, F. Seible and N. Priestley, University of California, San Diego

On Near-Field Earthquake Ground Motion Simulation and Its Effects on Long-Period Structures
by R. Zhang and M. Shinozuka, University of Southern California

Evaluation of Bridge Abutment Stiffness During Earthquakes
by R. Goel, Syracuse University

Characterization of Nonlinear Abutment Stiffnesses for Seismic Design and Retrofit
by R. Siddharthan and M. El-Gamal, University of Nevada, Reno

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Stiffness Characteristics for Highway Bridge Abutments
by J. C. Wilson, McMaster University; M. Justason, Berminghammer Foundation Equipment, Ltd.

Behavior of Laterally Loaded Piles Supporting Bridge Abutments
by J. Deatherage, E. Burdette, and D. Goodpasture, University of Tennessee

The Use of Reticulated Micropile Groups for Bridge Foundations
by F. Kulhawy, Cornell University; J. Mason, California Department of Transportation

Repair of Damaged Pier Walls
by M. Haroun, G. Pardoen, H. Bhatia, S. Shahi, and R. Kazanjy, University of California, Irvine

Modeling Seismic Damage of Circular Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
by A. Taylor and W. Stone, National Institute of Standards and Technology; A. El-Bahy and S. Kunnath, University of Central Florida

Seismic Fragility Analysis of Conventional Reinforced-Concrete Highway Bridges
by C. Mullen and A. Cakmak, Princeton University


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