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Workshop on



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June 17-19, 1996

Buffalo, New York

Edited by:

Ian G. Buckle
State University
of New York
at Buffalo

Ian M. Friedland
Multidisciplinary Center
for Earthquake

Session IV - Steel Bridges

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FHWA Curved Steel Bridge Research Project
by M. Grubb and J. Yadlosky, HDR Engineering, Inc.; A. Zureick, R. Leon and J. Burrell, Georgia Institute of Technology; D. Hall, BSDI, Ltd.; C. Yoo, Auburn University; S. Duwadi, Federal Highway Administration

High Performance Steels for Highway Bridges
by W. Wright, Federal Highway Administration

Structural Systems for High Performance Steel Bridges
by J. Kulicki, W. Wassef and P. Ritchie, Modjeski and Masters, Inc.

Characterization of the Environment for Weathering Steel Design Considerations
by C. Farschon and J. Ault, Ocean City Research Corporation; R. Kogler, Federal Highway Administration

Expansion Joint Elimination for Steel Bridges
by G. Tsiatas, E. McEwen and W. Boardman, University of Rhode Island

Bridge Girders with Corrugated Webs
by M. Elgaaly, Drexel University

A Passive Fatigue Life Indicator for Highway Bridges
by D. Thomson and G. Samavedam, Foster Miller, Inc.; W. Wright, Federal Highway Administration

Vincent Thomas Bridge Monitoring Tests
by A. Abdel-Ghaffar, S. Masri and R. Nigbor, University of Southern California

Research in Progress on Steel Bridges at University of Washington
by C. Roeder and G. MacRae, University of Washington


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