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Summary Report

pdficon.gif (224 bytes)The Summary Report is offered here in the Adobe Acrobat. pdf format only. To view it, you'll need the Adobe Acrobat reader. If you don't already have the reader installed, you can get it Here.

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Please remember that you can  also purchase the full report.

Ordering The Workshop Proceedings

You can proceed directly from this page into the ordering section of our online publications catalog. To do so, select the item(s) in which you are interested, then click "Order Publications" button below. Your order will be taken online and the item(s) shipped to you. (To search our other publications, you can proceed directly to our catalog.)

  I would like to order Proceedings of the NCEER Workshop on Evaluation of Liquefaction Resistance of Soils. Copies are $35.00 each.

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