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Economic Consequences of Earthquakes: Preparing for the Unexpected

Table of Contents

New Strategies for Dealing with Earthquake Hazard

by Howard Kunreuther

What Happened in Kobe and What if it Happened Here?

by Charles Scawthorn, Ben Lashkari, and Amjad Naseer

Some Problems in the Assessment of Earthquake Hazard in the Eastern United States

by S. Theodore Algermissen

Scenario Earthquakes for Urban Areas Along the Atlantic Seaboard of the United Stas

by Klaus H. Jacob

A Tale of Two Cities

by Richard T. Moore

Mitigating Risks to Lifeline Systems Through Natural Hazard Reduction and Design

by Ronald T. Eguchi

Seismic Performance of Ports: Lessons from Kobe

by Stuart D. Werner, Stephen E. Dickenson, and Craig E. Taylor

Prioritizing New York City Bridges According to Earthquake Hazard Criteria

by Bojidar Yanev and Doung Tran

Built Value and Earthquake Risk

by Guy J.P. Nordenson

Adopting a Seismic Code to Protect the Buildings of New York City

by Joel A. Miele, Sr.

The Natural Disaster Boom Theory; Or Window Beaking Our Way to Prosperity

by Raymond F. DeVoe, Jr.

Impacts of Recent Disasters on Businesses: The 1993 Midwest Floods and the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

by Kathleen J. Tierney

Forecasting the Economic Impact of a Midwest Earthquake

by Harold C. Cochrane

Impact of Catastrophic Losses on the Insurance Industry

by Eugene L. Lecomte

Preparing for the Unexpected

by Clement S. Dwyer, Jr

Recommendations for Future Action

by Barclay G. Jones and Stephanie Chang

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